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Our vision is to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the children of Zambia through physical and spiritual means.Our hearts longing is to empower the local church and village community to meet the great need of the many orphans and widows through the development of an orphanage.(Psalm 68:5-6a)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello friends,

Praise God, the Virginia team has arrived in Mukamba! Their travels went well with no customs or transfer difficulties. We put them to work right away, digging rocks for the floor of the first orphanage house. They are enjoying their first few days in the bush of Zambia. We have had the pleasure of worshipping with the Mukamba church and had the honor of listening to Pastor Petros. They have been a huge blessing and we are enjoying sharing old memories and making new ones. A lot of hands make much work much lighter- especially watering the 100 or so baby fruit trees in Amber’s orchard. Along with hauling sand, digging barach (rock similar to cement consistency), chopping firewood, fixing broken trailers, and our Landy which once again is experiencing difficulties we have been sharing lots of laughs as well.

Please pray for the delivery of lumber for the orphanage roof. A broken down truck has delayed the delivery once already, so we are anxious to get the supplies that will allow us to get busy. Also please pray for the Land Rover –that God will give us wisdom, strength and encouragement to be able to fix it as it is necessary transport for the team. Praise God that the two Toyotas are still working (Johan’s condor and our Hilux).

Now a note from our “special” friends Ryan and Ed-

A hello to Kirkwood Presbyterian. Your two missionaries are safe and sound and working hard. They are sure to have a lot of stories to share upon their return.

A quick note to the Ervin girls: Hello my girls love you guys Amanda, Sarah, Erika and a BIG LOVE YOU to my # 1 Candi :o) Ryan

Windhausen girls a love note to you guys too. Briana, Lindsey and to my Love Kris
Love you all, Ed

Ed Windhausen and Ryan Ervin toast to an African morning with their
Little Utica United Methodist Church mugs.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Greeting to all of you.

So much has been happening that I do not know where to start. One things is that while in Livingstone on “business” we met four young ladies from the Nederland’s that said that they want to experience a real village and what it looks like, so we invited them along to come and visit us in Mukamba. They are really hard workers and ended up spending 2 days and 2 nights with us. In this time they helped dig the foundation for the library and poured the concrete for the footing of the library. They broke old bricks up with hammers to fill in the side of the septic tank and also helped Amber clear and clean a peace of land to plant 13 different fruit trees. On top of this they also helped us drive the 1 hour to go and load sand. We were really impressed with them for they worked hard and did not sit still. We thank you four ladies for helping us and working so hard.

While they were here we were in a hurry to get Lombie (the local master builder) to start with building the orphanage house but then we got word that his father was really sick and no one knew when he would be back from visiting him. We were quite concerned knowing that all the brick building had to be completed in a month so that the American team from Va could put the roof on when they come on July 17th. Praise God that only a week and a half later Lombie showed up and started to build on the 20th of June 08. I must say that we had our times but he has proved himself to be a fast and beautiful builder. The door frames are in and are at window height and at this week we are expecting them to finish putting the windows in by the end of this week. It is really looking nice.

On a sad and somewhat frustrating note, in the midst of our business with all the different projects, the Land Rover’s lay shaft in the gearbox snapped in half and I had to take the gearbox out. When I took the piece to Livingstone to see if I could get a replacement there was none to be found because the Land Rover is a 1964 make and a bit old : ) This was the vehicle that we were planning on picking up the 7 South Africans with so with 9 people (including Amber and me) we had to make a plan for us with the Hilux. In the end four people had to ride with a public bus to Kalomo and the rest of the 2 hour off road in the back of the Hilux. It was definitely cramped and dusty but a truly African experience. Sorry guys.

The group of 7 people from South Africa that arrived on the 21st of July 08 were a big blessing. They came to start to build a library and hoped that they would finish it in 5 days but when they got there and had to load sand, bricks and other things they realized that maybe they were being a bit too ambitious : ) They were a big help though and had a good time fellowshipping with the local people. The time that they had to build on the library they really did good and got far with it they are hard workers. My mother was one of them and she impressed me with how hard she worked. They spend time with children and taught them the wordless bible with colors that they painted their nails. They helped load about 8000 bricks in the short time that they were there.

On the last day as we were busy packing up to leave for Livingstone our little puppy dog ran in to the wire reinforcement and ripped a big piece open on her side. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal had we been in the city but hours from the nearest vet and with Amber in tears out of worry for her (she wouldn’t have made it if just left to her own) I had to give her stitches. Thankfully we had stitching kits donated in a box of medical supplies (thanks Marcie) and about 7 months ago, Michelle a 5th year medical student had taught me how to give them (just in case I needed it). Now I was forced to put what I learned into practice on Beloved our little dog and I must she was a very good patient. I must have succeeded as she is doing very good now and Amber is very happy and thankful that God helped me to “save” her life. And now I have a bit more confidence if I ever need to give stitches to a person. A dog makes a much easier first time patient I have learned. They are much easier to hold down and still love you afterwards.

It was definitely different this time having the team leave and us return back to Mukamba instead of leaving with them. With all the people gone we definitely felt a sense of aloneness. Well that did not last long as there was lots to do and tons of work that needed done. I was able to get our toilet and bathroom working so now we have a flushing toilet and a warm water and cold water tap that we can take good showers. Even though we still have to hand pump all the water we need to the tank, I thank God that we are blessed like that. After all these years of “roughing it” in outdoor bush facilities, what a luxury it is now to have working taps. Amber was able to get caught up with some of the orphanage admin and me and the local guys were able to get started with the thatching of our kitchen roof. With this being my first attempt I am very happy with how it is looking so far.

And our newest development is the arrival of Whitney and Kalen- two college students from North Carolina, that are here to help us out for a month. We just picked them up from the airport today and we are already really blessed by their presence. We are also eager to put them to work with all the prep work needed before the Virginia team arrives on July 17th, moving more bricks, hauling sand, finishing the kitchen roof, adding more trees to Amber’s orchard, finishing our bush toilets and showers, and painting our bathroom. We truly thank God for their energetic and fun loving spirits and for the helping hands they bring as well. I only hope they know what they have gotten themselves into…. Stay tuned for the rest of the adventure : )
For more pictures please go to www.picasaweb.google.com/missionoflovezambia
With much love and appreciation.
****Big praise is that the Land Rover is fixed as from the 12th of Jully so thank you God.
****More praise is the safe arrival of Whitney and Kalen and for good progress of the orphanage house building for they will be in a weeks time at roof height God willing
**Please pray that God helps us with the fuel price for now we are paying $11 a gallon.
**Pray For Whitney for she is not feeling well.
**Pray for us that we will get things done and bring Glory to God.
**Pray for the team that is comming that they would get here safe with all their belongings.
Thank you
Jako and Amber Joubert
Mission of Love Community Orphanage
Po Box 620170