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Our vision is to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the children of Zambia through physical and spiritual means.Our hearts longing is to empower the local church and village community to meet the great need of the many orphans and widows through the development of an orphanage.(Psalm 68:5-6a)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

With blessings comes hard work:

written by Jako Joubert
What a month of January 2017 it has been, we want to thank God for His ongoing goodness is sustaining us, protecting us and providing for us. Only God knows the outcome. What a wonderful Father we have.
IMG_1518In December the rain was little. Here in Africa we rely on rain to plant crops and have food to eat. The past three years we had a drought that was hard on Central/Southern Africa. We must say that in this past three years God gave us a harvest to have enough food for the year even though most people around us had very little or none. As for January it has been as if God has opened the gates and we have been blessed with abundance of rain not only for crops but to fill the underground water tables that had been getting very low and are now being filled up again.
IMG_1555I love farming and to farm but it is not always fun or easy to be responsible for so many children and widows. To make sure that they have food to live, also to have enough so that school fees can be paid, books, clothes and everything that goes with taking care of a child (or a youth). God is blessing us with rain so that the crops may grow and yield but with this blessing of abundance of rain comes hard work because now every weed that did not germinate in the past three years has germinated now and we are struggling to keep ahead of cleaning the fields so that the maize will not be IMG_1527choked by weeds. We are spending long hours every day working the fields making sure that in this blessing of rain that we keep our end of the deal, if I can put it in that sense. It is hard but the reward will be worth it I know. How do I know…. because of past experience with God. He will always reward hard work, not that we work to gain His favor but we work because of what He is doing for us. This is the same in our faith, God blesses us with things in our lives, whatever it may be, from spiritual to material things, but as a farmer we have to work hard in the IMG_1528blessings to benefit from the reward. I am learning that we also have to work hard with the blessings God gives us, not for us to keep or have, the things for us to have will be our reward when we enter heaven. For now we must share and make hard work at our blessings for if we do not then the weed of this world will choke it and kill it and that will not be good. For what we have we must use for the Kingdom of God and His people. Use your talents. Get involved in things that IMG_1341God is doing in your area. Give the extra that God has given you so that we can work for His Kingdom and build His Kingdom and not ours. Our work is not to be saved but we work because God has saved us by His Grace and it brings joy to see someone being helped that had nowhere else to go. We are the hands and feet of the King of Kings. What a blessing and privilege and responsibility that is. God has been teaching me a lot lately but one thing I have learned is that if we sit on the blessings that we have been given, then we will not receive more, for God tell us that to those that much is given, much is expected.
God has blessed us with this beautiful home here in the bush of Zambia where things are a challenge every day…. from snakes, witch crafting, sickness and getting stuck to get supplies from town 3 hours away but He has equipped us to be His light here so that people will know Him personally. What a joy it is to see our boys out here living free and playing with all the kids being kids. They cannot wait for the rain to stop to be out there getting muddy. IMG_1411IMG_1517IMG_1576
The children’s home is flourishing with new babies and all, the kids at school is working hard and is starting to realize the importance of having a good education. There is not much focus on education out in the rural areas of Zambia and that is why we are working hard with the community to have a better school for all the kids in that area, not only orphans, but all kids. We now currently have classes from preschool to grade 3 at the school with many challenges and problems but through it all we see how the kids are blessed in their hard work. IMG_1570school 1
Our kids that is in high school in town has started a new school year and we are very excited for them to see how they going to do this year. We are also finally getting electricity at our home in town, we have been working off limited solar power and give thanks to God that the kids will have power now for 24hour (but with that comes more expenses that has to be covered). We trust that God will provide. IMG_0899-002
We thank you all for your prayers and support whether it be through finances or encouragement and moral. We love all of you and miss you dearly.
If you would love to contribute to Mission of Love please feel free to go to www.missionoflovezambia.org and give through pay pal or send your check to:
11919 Keating Dr.
Tampa, FL 33626-2531
And remember we are a 501c3 in the USA so you can claim for tax when you give to Mission of Love. Be assured that your hard earned money does not go to extravagant luxuries for us but to our family's basic needs and more importantly the work and care of the children out here in Zambia.


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